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I started teaching artistic mat work in 2006, near Nîmes in the Gard region. At first in a store, and since 2009 in my own workshop where comfort and hospitality thrive in a bucolic setting with olive trees and Mediterranean pines. The fauna is also represented by a few cats (and hedgehogs at night!) that live in the garden where they bask... 


My passion for framing naturally led me to creating cardboard frames at the request of my students wishing to complete their mat work with a home made frame. This activity offers a more varied and creative alternative to a classic wooden frame.


What an adventure! Everything had to be invented: cutting techniques, the decorations, friezes and assembly methods, the choice and the endless variety of models and styles, the learning and development of coatings, paints and color... 


This unique discipline has now become my specialty, it is slowly gaining the interest of framing teachers conquered by its potential and convinced of its complementarity to their lessons. Idées de Cadres, a french framing magazine, published three special editions on the subject allowing a wider dissemination of this new creative hobby.


I invite you to go through the pages of my website to give you a bit of insight on what we do at the workshop, and on the lessons, workshops and training I propose not only for mat work but also for cardboard frames. Feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to enlighten you in more detail on my techniques and offers and I hope to welcome you in my workshop to share my passion. 


Happy reading!


Patricia Alexandre

Les Ovales

La féminité est au rendez-vous pour ces deux cadres à ouverture ovale.


Ambiance provençale autour de cette Arlésienne en boutis créée et réalisée par Isabelle Thurin que j’ai eu le plaisir d’encadrer  pour le salon national du boutis qui s’est déroulé la semaine dernière dans le Gard.


La deuxième baguette est réalisée autour du « Portrait d’une femme noire » de Marie Guillemine Benoist (1768-1826).


Two very feminine subjects for these two frames with an oval matting.


Provence ambiance for this Arlésienne boutis created and hand stitched by Isabelle Thurin which I had the pleasure of framing for the national boutis exhibition which was held last week in the south of France (Gard).


The second cardboard frame surrounds Marie-Guillemine Benoist’s (1768-1826) « Portrait of a black woman ».


Baguettes en carton et marqueterie de paille

J’ai utilisé la décarègle pour la découpe des bandes de paille issues de planches monochromes. Vous pourrez ainsi réaliser facilement des frises ou des décors magnifiques sur vos baguettes en carton. Le contraste du brillant de la paille et du mat de la peinture de la baguette apporte une note intéressante à l’ensemble. La pince à onglet m’a aussi été d’une grande utilité pour la découpe des morceaux constituant la frise de l’angle bleu. A tester d’urgence pour les amateurs de marqueterie de paille !


I used the décarègle to cut out the strips of straw from a monochrome sheet. You can easily create beautiful friezes or decors on your cardboard frames. The shine of the straw contrasts nicely with the mat color of the frame giving it an interesting look. The mitre cutting pliers were also a great help cutting the intricate pieces needed for the frieze on the blue angle. Something that straw marquetry fans will surely want to test!


L'inépuisable créativité du carton

Cadre à tabernacle entièrement réalisé en carton frises comprises. Réalisé en 2013. Le seul élément provenant d'un moule est le petit ange au centre de la frise supérieure.


This tabernacle frame was entirely made with cardboard including all the friezes. I made it in 2013. The only element made from a mould is the little angle in the middle of the top frieze.


Creativa Montpellier 2018

Quelques photos des ateliers "cadres en carton".


A few pictures of the "cardboard frame" workshops.


La baguette au service du sujet

Effet écrasé pour cette baguette en carton autour de " Crushed ", photo d'une canette écrasée de Michael Kraus. Le sujet est cerné d'un biseau anglais à rebord avec dépassants supérieur et inférieur.




Crushed effect for this cardboard frame surrounding Michael Kraus's "Crushed" photograph of a Coke can. The picture is surrounded by an English bevel with a lip and two red filets.




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